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Veterans are awesome. It’s that simple. The remarkable qualities of military veterans are many…and you won’t always find them in your everyday civilian.

Once members of the military transition to civilian life, they bring all the awesome traits of their service with them. Let’s take a look at them.

30 Great Qualities of Military Veterans:
  1. They get up early and most don’t need an alarm clock to do it.
  2. They are aware of their surroundings and like to be able to see a whole room, including entrances and exits.
  3. Yes sir! They are respectful.
  4. They improvise. If they don’t have the right tools they will make the right tools.
  5. They work well under pressure. Drill sergeants makes sure of that.
  6. They are physically fit. Boot camp and physical requirements are no joke.
  7. Endurance is amazing. When you think they’ve given all they can, they keep on going.
  8. They are good trainers.
  9. They are good trainees.
  10. Obstacles don’t get in their way. If there’s a will, there’s a way.
  11. They are leaders. Vets leave the military with knowledge of how to lead others to work together cohesively.
  12. They follow the leader. Taking orders is the norm when serving.
  13. Lack of sleep doesn’t stop them.
  14. They have stamina. Chances are they will outwork and outperform their civilian counterparts.
  15. They are brave. The military has produced many heroes. Military veterans do extraordinary things in harrowing situations.
  16. They react quickly in situations that need an immediate resolve.
  17. Danger doesn’t get it their way. The military makes them ready to face danger head-on.
  18. They won’t leave you behind.
  19. They are team players.
  20. They will lend you a helping hand.
  21. They are loyal. Loyalty is instilled from the beginning.
  22. Adversities don’t bother them.
  23. They make deadlines. There is no compromising on deadlines in the military.
  24. They will survive most anything.
  25. They can keep a secret. Can you say “security clearance”?
  26. They can take a joke. Teasing is endless in the service.
  27. They can sleep anywhere. Chances are they have had to sleep on the ground and many makeshift areas.
  28. They don’t panic. When others run in fright, a veteran knows how to calmly assess the situation.
  29. They make decisions. There is no uncertainty in the military.
  30. Veterans are organized. Everything has a place and a purpose.

So there are 30 great qualities of military veterans. But there are so many more. Let us know in the comment section below what you think makes military veterans so awesome.

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